Nutrition Support

Nutrition Support

Nutrition support is a therapy for individuals who are not able to get enough nutrition from food and drinks they are consuming. The reasons for poor nutrition may include reduced appetite, swallowing difficulties or increased requirements due to illness or even treatment. Some conditions such as cancer, stroke, surgery, frailty and even depression are often associated with reduced intake. If prolonged it may lead to loss of weight malnutrition, physical weakness, poor healing or even lack of response to medical treatment.

For individuals who are able to eat and drink orally but experience early satiety or lack of appetite, simply adding more calories and protein (fortifying) to their food or scheduling extra nutritious snacks between meals may be enough to optimise intake. For some individuals with poor dentition or impaired swallowing for example a texture modified diet may be helpful while others may find that drinking fluids is easier than eating food. Liquid nutrition supplements are an easy and effective way to optimise intake of calories and proteins.


When do you need nutrition support:
  • Have you recently lost weight without trying?

  • Do you have difficulty chewing or swallowing?

  • Have no appetite to eat or lost interest in food?

  • Are you recovering from surgery, illness or medical treatment?

  • Do you have wound which are not healing well?

  • Have increased nutritional needs?

If nutrition support cannot be provided via oral route, enteral nutrition can be used. Individuals with reduced conscious level, difficulty swallowing or simply not able to consume enough nutrition orally may be fed via a feeding tube. A range of standard as well as specialised liquid feeds are available for this purpose. These not only provide calories and protein but also the vitamins and minerals essential for health.

  • High calorie and/or high protein diet

  • Food fortification

  • Frequent small meals and snacks throughout the day

  • Liquid nutritional supplements

  • Enteral nutrition (tube feeding)

  • Parenteral nutrition.

Our accredited dietitian can assess your nutritional status and provide most effective and feasible nutrition intervention.